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MasterFest is a recurring competition for restaurants in Finland.

Participating restaurants compete against each other within their respective categories, with each category representing a distinct competition.

To enter the competition, each restaurant is required to craft an entirely new dish, exclusively for this event. Throughout the competition, these restaurants will present their dishes at special prices, providing you with the opportunity to sample and compare offerings from various competitors.

The competition winner is determined by you and the rest of the audience. Everyone has the chance to vote for their favourite restaurant among the competitors and indulge in our special selection of culinary delights.

For more information on how to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us at


We aim to elevate the outdoor dining culture in Finland and, eventually, internationally, while simultaneously establishing itself as a significant culinary reference. Our primary focus is to introduce people to unprecedented flavors with an enticing touch of marketing.

Our Values

Curiosity transcends a single plate.

Commitment to quality, passion, and perfection in everything we do.

Dedicated service for the common good.

Crafting unique culinary experiences accessible to all.

Unity in purpose: one for all, all for one.